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Replacement Deed Poll - £29.99

If you have lost your deed poll, we can draft an official replacement deed poll for you.
If you require documentary evidence of a past name change, for example if your name was changed by usage i.e. without a deed poll, or if you have lost your deed poll or statutory declaration you will need to obtain a copy of your deed poll.

You can simply click the order button below and complete the secure application form, but make sure that you apply online as if it was your first name change.

It does not matter if you originally obtained your deed poll or statutory declaration elsewhere, for example from a local solicitors office.
Change Your Name Today£29.99
Example Change of Name Deed (Deed Poll)

Replace an Original Deed Poll

As there is no official deed poll register, unless you have previously used Legal Deedpolls to prepare you a deed poll, we will not have your name change details.

Therefore you will need to apply online for a replacement deed poll to receive a documentary evidence that you have previously changed your name.

You will need to remember that you are ordering a replacement, so your current name will be stated as your new name on the online application form.

This application form will provide you with a deed poll that includes an additional declaration, which states that you have been using your current name for all purposes since a particular date.

You will be able to use this deed poll as official documentary evidence of your change of name. Please note: you must be at least 16 years of age to complete this application form.

Order a Replacement Deed Poll in 3 Simple Steps

You can apply online today and receive your deed poll documents within 24 hours. For £29.99 we provide a low cost, but high quality deed poll service.
How long does it take to change your name?

How Long does it Take?

You can receive your replacement deed poll documents and the detailed instruction pack within 1-2 working days.

Depending on how you choose to receive your deed poll you can receive it within 24 hours of ordering online.

You will need to follow the exact same process as you would've previously when changing your name, e.g. executing the documents to make them legal before you can use them.

To complete your name change, you will need to ensure that all persons and organisations have been notified of your name change, which will take at least 2 weeks, but does usually take between 3-8 weeks for your name change to be complete.
Apply Online in Minutes£29.99
What Will I Receive with this Service?
Your replacement deed poll document and any certified copies you order are sent to you within 1-2 working days via Royal Mail 1st Class Delivery. 

Any certified deed poll copies that you have requested will be an exact copy of the original.
Simple and easy to follow instructions on how to correctly sign and witness your deed poll.

For child applications, a cover letter justifying who has parental responsibility for your child — and who has to give their consent by law.
Personalised guidance on how to update your official documents and records, and a suggested list of organisations to contact. 

Along with a personally written cover letter to send to record holders (we’ll e‑mail this to you as a Word document so you can print it out as many times as you need)
Frequently Asked Questions
What is a replacement deed poll?
A replacement deed poll is a document that provides you with legal proof that you have previously changed your name on a certain date and have been using it for everything since that date.
Is there an official deed poll office in the UK?
This is a common misconception. There is no government department or entity that provides deed polls. All the providers of deed poll documents in the UK, are either lawyers or private providers like ourselves.
How long will it take to change my name?
You will receive your deed poll and copies within 24 hours of approving your electronic copy of the deed poll that we send to you on the day that you ordered the service
How much does a deed poll cost?
Our Replacement deed polls are £29.99 including VAT. There is a drop down box on the checkout for you to choose the amount of certified copies you require incase you lose or misplace the replacement.
What other costs will there be to change my name?
The authorities where you change your name such as the passport office and DVLA will require you to submit your deed with an official application form and fees may be charged for doing so.
Do I need a replacement deed poll?
You will need a replacement deed poll if you have previously changed your name and have either lost or misplaced your previous documents. A replacement will be sufficient legal evidence of your name change.
You can apply online today and receive your replacement deed poll documents within 24 hours. From just £29.99 we provide a low cost, but high quality deed poll service.
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